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Gratitude House

We are a planned sober-living home for women in
St. Louis County Missouri

About Us

We are a safe and stable home for women to live sober and thrive.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a sober home for women recovering from alcoholism and/or drug abuse, including prescription drugs. Our philosophy reflects: until a woman can face the reality of any addiction in her life, other areas of tension and pain cannot be adequately treated.  The focus of the total program is The Twelve Step Model.

Gratitude House will offer a safe and loving atmosphere for women who often feel isolated and unsafe in today’s world. It is a vision of recovering women supporting recovering women to successfully open a sober living home in St. Louis County for chemically dependent women, based on a holistic concept of well-being.

Our purpose is to bring forth a lasting change and renewal of the total person, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically, so that she may return to her family and the workplace as a vital contributing member.

“God’s greatest glory is a person fully alive”

With the support of generous donors and volunteers, Gratitude House, a 501 (c) (3) Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization, is working toward a goal of opening our first sober-living home for women in St. Louis County in 2024.

Our Goal

The Goal of Gratitude House, Inc., is to help women begin a new life, free from alcohol and/or drugs.  It is our intention to provide a comfortable, loving, supportive, encouraging, and understanding  environment,  where women are free to share their pains and frustrations along with their hopes and determination to heal.

Gratitude House, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization. We are supported by donations from private organizations, individuals, and foundations. In addition, each woman will be responsible to pay rent.

One of the most important ways in which you can support the work of Gratitude House is to help a woman who needs us.

If you know a woman for whom chemical dependency is becoming a serious problem, please urge her to seek help.

Gratitude House is being established in response to a dire need for a safe, dignified and comfortable sober-living home for women who are suffering from the disease of alcoholism, drug abuse and prescription pill abuse. Currently there is NO sober-living home for women in all of St. Louis County where the focus is strictly on recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

“Society expects a lady to drink, but not to have a drinking problem.”

— Betty Ford, Former First Lady

Betty Ford’s candor about her dependency on alcohol and painkillers made it easier for others, especially women to admit to having similar problems. For women, there is a tremendous stigma and deep shame attached to this debilitating disease, which makes it difficult for them to get the qualified professional help they need.


Gratitude House will offer support for your journey through:

Why Us

Why is our all-women program so effective?

Our purpose is to bring forth a lasting change

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