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About Us

Who We Are

  • We are recovering women supporting recovering women.
  • We are a connected community bonded together with love, trust and compassion.
  • We are a safe and stable home for women to live sober and thrive.

Our Principles

  • Long-term sobriety as a design for living.
  • Reliance on a loving God.
  • Integrity in our relationships.
  • Devotion to the women of Gratitude House.

Our Purpose

  • To encourage the woman who crosses our threshold into a renewed life of confident sobriety.

Our Vision

  • Vibrant, loving, and welcoming sober living homes ready to embrace the next woman into our hearts.
  • Recovery in action: The women of Gratitude House freely giving what they have been given freely.

“Especially, I didn’t want to write about my mistakes on the path of Love. But walking in the woods one day, I heard: ‘Sometimes a wound serves Me better than a resolution of it. Your mistakes opened your heart to Love.'”

—Fran Grace PhD, “The Power of Love…A Transformed Heart Changes the World”

Our Board of Directors

A Board of Directors of women was formed, and with everyone working together, Tax Exemption and Non-Profit Status was obtained. Thus, Gratitude House was born on September 29, 2019.

We, the Board of Directors are women in Twelve Step recovery programs. During the pandemic, we met daily on Zoom, Monday through Friday, for prayer and meditation. Additionally we meet monthly, to continue our efforts of acquiring a house and developing fundraising events to facilitate the opening of Gratitude House in 2024.

Our sober-living home is blessed with a house mother, founder, Beth D., who chooses to live under roof in Gratitude House with the residents. She has three plus decades of continuous devotion to Twelve Step recovery programs.  Her whole life is an alive, daily commitment to loving and serving people, and assisting in the alleviation of suffering. Further growth dawned, and she was trained and certified as a qualified meditation teacher. She is a thankful birth mother of six grown children, and six beautiful grandchildren.  She was raised in a household with parents and nine siblings in St. Louis County, Missouri.

A Few Facts


  • Maximum eight-bed residential setting for women. Structured, supportive and safe environment.
  • Focus on Twelve Step foundation in recovery; meetings, sponsor relationship, alumni peer support, relapse prevention, and life management skills.
  • Emphasis on the individual needs of each woman, including the need to consider the whole person in the recovery process.


  • Rent from Residents
  • Individual and corporate donations
  • Community grants and donations
  • On going fundraisers

Looking Ahead

We intend being “home” to a maximum of eight women, making it possible to give each woman the individual attention she needs. The platform and cornerstone of the program is the Twelve Step Model of recovery, which is a spiritual program (non-denominational and open to all). It is based on the philosophy that until a woman can face the reality of any addiction in her life, other areas of stress and change cannot be adequately healed. 

Our goal is to nurture the transformation and renewal of the whole person; spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally, so that she may return to family and workplace as a vital contributing member.

Gratitude House is being created as a safe place for women who often feel isolated and unsafe in today’s world.  We invite women with thirty days of continuous sobriety from all walks of life. Our home welcomes every women demonstrating a sincere commitment to sobriety, and adopting suggested tools in support of a sober and productive lifestyle.

Women are asked to make a commitment to their sobriety and will stay with us for up to 18 – 24 months or more. This allows them to establish a foundation in recovery. Restoring self-esteem and self-confidence, is not an overnight matter.

Residency is tailored to meet the needs of each individual. During their stay, the women will attend AA meetings, especially women’s meetings, where they can meet and identify with other women like themselves. It will be a requirement of the women to secure employment, attend school to further their education, or volunteer while living at Gratitude House.

 When women complete the program, they are invited to join the Alumni Association, which will meet once a month. They are also expected to make a commitment to work with the newly sober women at the house. An ideal of recovery is being of service. In order to keep her sobriety, she must give it away by helping other women.