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Gratitude House Featured In Carney Show 05.25.23 – KTRS 550AM

Amy Pain and Christine Intagliata, members of Gratitude House board of directors, were gest in a popular radio Carney Show by KTRS 550AM.

Christine Intagliata and Amy Pain, presented the plans and goals of the Gratitude House.

Gratitude House will be a sober home for women, in St. Louis county, and it came about because we didn’t have one“, said Christine. She added, “It’s gonna be a safe place for them to come and recover from alcoholism and drug addiction“.

Amy presented the way Gratitude House will approach in helping women overcome their addiction problems. Most of the recovery places and 12-step programs last 30 days, which is not enough time to recover. “A lot of these recovery places, or rehab places, will say that in 30 days, most of people are just waking up. Their brain is severely impacted”, Said Amy.

Where Gratitude House will be a next level of help needed, before they come into the real world. We will be there as a buffer zone between going out in the real world after recovery from the rehab center. Christine and Amy explained that Gratitude House will be like a family, that will help women that can’t get help anywhere else.

Listen to the whole Carney Show here

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