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Gratitude House will offer support for your journey in the following ways:

Your Environment …

  • A safe, sober and supportive environment.
  • Supportive community-living.
  • Peer oriented, caring atmosphere.
  • A vibrant, loving, and welcoming sober-living home.

Your Program…

A firm foundation in the Twelve Step Program including:

  • Twelve Step work
  • Twelve Step meetings
  • Twelve Step sponsor
  • Community outreach
  • Education and stress management
  • Weekly evaluation of progress 

Our Purpose

  • Prayer and meditation
  • Recovery-oriented daily planning and living skills.
  • Relapse prevention with emphasis on relapse triggers.
  • Continued employment, education or volunteer work.
  • Random drug testing
  • Yoga / fitness / massage therapy

“As the heart is polished by the practices of the path, the true Self shines forth. Difficulties and inner struggles are welcomed, for friction sparks transformation of …whatever we don’t want to see in ourselves”

—Fran Grace PhD, “The Power of Love…A Transformed Heart Changes the World”